Living a comfortable life in retirement


Having been retired for over 6 years George and Elizabeth felt now was a good time to review their finances with a view to simplifying matters. They felt the amount of paperwork they had to deal with every year was an unnecessary burden. They had built up significant funds over the years with a number of different companies. Their financial adviser had retired a few years ago and they were now looking for a new adviser to review their plans. 

They contacted Lloyd & Co to help them bring clarity to their current financial position and for the future. 

Our approach 

We arranged an initial meeting where we got to understand George and Elizabeth’s financial situation, their lifestyle and their future plans. At Lloyd & Co, we believe a great financial plan is central to achieving a more certain financial future. Understanding your attitude to risk underpins every financial decision. We do this with a questionnaire. The results help us balance out the level of risk with the expected investment returns to ensure the investment portfolio is fit for purpose. 

We reviewed George and Elizabeth’s financial and life style goals and produced a future cash flow analysis to help simplify their future needs. 

The outcome 

We were able to simplify their investments by aggregating some of their investments into a single investment platform and some into another provider offering smoothed returns. We also simplified the number of tax wrappers used. This was achieved over a few years to ensure we maximised the tax allowances available to both George and Elizabeth. Through the process there were also savings in annual charges which was a welcome bonus. 

George and Elizabeth now have peace of mind that their finances are in good order and can enjoy their retirement doing the things they had planned.