Step One

Hello Meeting

The first time we meet with you we will tell you all about how we work and get to know you and what is important to you

Step Two

Sort Your Mess Out

Generally speaking all new clients have a varying degree of mess. They have collected a few pension plans and/or investments over the years but have no structured coherent plan in place. They often don’t fully understand their assets.

Step Three

Where are you and Dream & Goal setting

During this meeting we fully explain any existing assets you may have and establish if you are on target for eventual financial freedom. An exciting part of the process is discussing your hopes, dreams for both the present, near and distant future. We then work together in creating or refining existing dreams then setting goals to achieve them.

Step Four


After we have agreed where you want to be in life and when you want to be there. It is then time to get your LifePlan in motion. Only when we fully understand you and what makes you tick will we construct a plan to work towards your goals. Your plan may well include both existing investments and new recommendations. As we are independent financial planners we can ensure our recommendation are tailored exactly to your needs.

Step Five


A vital part of the finanical advice process is to review your LifePlan. Everything is subject to change, be it legislation, product development and of course your circumstances. The review meeting is important as the path to your goal is very rarely a straight one

"Writing down your dreams and goals is the first step towards achieving them. Put your future in good hands - your own (with a lot of help from us)."

David Lloyd  

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